Matatu business plan

Matatu business plan

Matatu Evolution: Modern PSV’s fitted with screens. Ipads,cameras

The Likert scale with 1 being no response and 5 being extremely high response, was used to determine the response strategies to the micro dynamic environment adopted by Matatu SACCOs. Get Matatu out of the roads and introduce BRT like in South Africa. Always keep some money aside for emergencies…the matatu business is not the type to operate on a shoestring budget.

Using a Likert Scale to determine the extent of the impact with 1 representing no impact and 5 representing extremely high impact the findings revealed that the Matatu SACCOs just like other players areaffected to a varying degree by both the micro and macro turbulent environment.

But in order to operate comfortably, we would recommend Ksh1,, as starting capital. The results of the analyzed data were presented in the form of tables and charts.

Share Tweet What comes to your mind when you hear about the matatu business? Some routes that are quite difficult to operate in mainly because of cartels include Kayole and Dandora. Profile data analysis revealed that most of these SACCOs are still in the growth phase and have low numbers in terms of branch offices, staffs, membership and vehicles. Mololine, 2nk, North Rift etc.

In order to join some of the well established matatu saccos e. The approximate pay-back time i. There are a few isolated cases of this group actually robbing the crew but many a time they prey on passengers toying with their phone with the windows opened. The minimum amount of initial capital you can expect to inject to get your matatu on the road is Ksh, assuming you buy an old van which has been used locally for several years.

This e-matatu venture will come with a number of benefits which include: They earn a commission at the end of the day depending on the income and the targets they get from the employer.

Manual worksheets may not be effective in nabbing a conniving crew. The results showed that these SACCOs have formulated responses strategies for the macro turbulent environment and that customer satisfaction With a 14 seater van, and assuming the business is well managed, you can expect to make Ksh3, per day on average, this may however increase during peak seasons. We only see their public face and judge them by how they treat us, but; can you walk a mile in their shoes?

He is not a cop but he has seen it all. Here are 23 things about matatu business that nobody else will tell you. The findings were then presented in the form of frequencies, means, mode, percentages and rankings.

When he wakes up every working morning, he reports to work in the Matatu industry; his job is to transport people from one place to the other. This is approximated at Ksh per seat per year. My Internet business idea is to develop an online matatu ticketing system where passengers are able to pay for their tours and travel prior to the actual travel date and there is no need of physical presence to make payments.

You can easily burn your fingers in the first 6 months of the business. They work in a group of guys and are most tempting to conductors as they are in facts, passengers and pays full fare. Make a point of visiting a few garages to compare the quotes.

Always have some amount in your account sufficient to purchase a good ex-japan engine just in case the need arises. Matatu business requires a hands-on approach.


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