Why do a review of literature

Why do a review of literature

The Purpose of the Literature Review

A literature review is a summary of previous research on a topic. Ask yourself questions like these about each book or article you include: A Few Tips On Conducting It The Literature Review: How do they want your name, headings, and subheadings?

Either way, the purpose is the same, to review the scholarly literature relevant to the topic you are studying. A smaller number of quality sources is far preferable than a long list of irrelevance.

Make sure your sources are evaluated on a number of levels. How does this book or article relate to the specific thesis or question I am developing? Some instructors may ask you to do a literature review and not get more specific than that. Some reviews require a thesis, some may not. What if the assumed theories are wrong? Do I follow through a set of concepts and questions, comparing items to each other in the ways they deal with them? Writing a lit erature review requires research and planning.

Literature reviews can be either a part of a larger report of a research project, or it can be a bibliographic essay that is published separately in a scholarly journal. Part 3 Revising Your Work 1 Review the guidelines. How are their arguments supported narratives, statistics, historical findings, etc.

A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. Some professors like their papers a certain way. It is very difficult to judge the credibility of an online paper. You can have the best of intentions and a form of prose that convinces the staunchest of skeptics, but if your sources aren’t viable, that’s it.

Your thesis statement will not necessarily argue for a position or an opinion; rather, it will argue for a particular perspective on the material.

What discipline am I working in e. Have I critically analysed the literature I use? The purpose of a literature review is to help you explain how the question to be investigated fits into the larger picture and why you have approached the topic the way you have.

This will help you structure your paper immensely, zeroing in on what will give your paper purpose.


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