Infant observation assignment

Infant observation assignment

Child Development Infant/Toddler Observation Report video 3/2

The infant, Ali Osman is a healthy, playfull boy, appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin. What is your position about the decreasing time children are allowed for physical activity during school time? Be descriptive, offer visual accounts of the surroundings. The infant I observed is named Tessa. The worker gently tapped the hand of Anna, letting her know she was aware of the request.

This is a Sample Observation My infant observation is Emily. To what degree did the gender or cultural background vary their feelings of competence? On several occasions, children came up to me bringing toys, books and requests to go to the toilet, and at one point, a young child stood in front of me for what seemed like a very long time.

I started my observation around 2: During the observation, Brandon, was watching television socializing with the other people in the room, while Shannon was primarily trying to interact with and entertain Asher. Between the observation development process, you have observing infant and toddler development, observing English language learners, assessment Pre-school observation 3 Observe an entire classroom of preschool age children.

Development of Trust My first subject is Ana, my I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of observing Anna, and my own criticism is not having more time spent on reflection with the seminar group.

Tessa is a 7 month old caucasian female cared for by her married For the first session, I watched Anna intently and I had to clear my head of any judgments of her which were purely based on bits of information I had picked up from staff. Her father is Chinese form China and her mother is Chinese form Taiwan These questions are quite sensitive. Having no social work task to do was a luxury.

If the level of language mastery differed, what was the response? Also, make sure to state specifically which realm of development you are writing about for example, gross vs. I believe that talking about observations was now similar to that described by Winnicott as holding and Bion as containing, and what emerged from the seminar group was a secure base where thoughts and feelings could be openly discussed amongst ourselves, and it was the first time that as a seminar group, that we spoke freely and openly about experiences during observations.

I chose to observe him at his house because I thought that it would give me a better understanding of just how he acts when he is a setting that he is used to and comfortable in. Lauren’s parents take her to a daycare center almost every day with some exceptions. Lauren focused most of her time on different objects such Based on your observations, why do you believe that the children performed these behaviors? There was one mother with one girl that day. The first session took place after lunch and I placed myself at the back of the room, discreetly tucked into a corner hoping that my presence would not be noticed.

Lauren lives with her Mother, Father, and 2 older brothers. They currently live in a transitional housing program for teenage mothers run by Wilson center. Objectives and Timeframe of Observation 3.


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