Literature review epa tourism

Literature review epa tourism

2.3 Let’s Write: First Lines and Literature Review Of Research Thesis

Volume 2 contains Appendices with detailed information on the applicable sector, requirements and standards, predictive tools, and international codes. The viability of rural tourism lies in the fact of its being compatible and complementary to traditional activities, and not being a substitute to previous incomes. Rural tourism Rural tourism actors are conscious that the main ingredient for success is the environment. Changes in the water cycle, noise level, higher energy consumption, pollutant emission, and the spread of diseases are some other examples of the environmental impacts of the tourism industry.

Can sustainable tourism survive climate change? Environment and crises management Tourism is a major global economic sector and is increasingly making a contribution to national economies by creating income, taxes, hard currency, generating employment, and stimulating regional development de Sausmarez, de Sausmarez, N. In this context, when tourism destinations are well managed, skill development can provide important benefits to local communities and contribute directly or indirectly to nature conservation.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 17, — The brief review of sustainable tourism development Sustainable tourism development has attracted significant attention in many scientific studies particularly in tourism studies and has been one of the very fast growing areas of tourism studies research since the late s. Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency EPA ,. A sustainable tourism mobility passage. Therefore, if tourism companies are to survive, training and educating the worforce is of great importance.

An evolving global approach. Fears of job loss are…12 Apr In March the Environmental Protection Agency released a This section first reviews studies of economy-wide effects of regulations. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 8 1 , 1— Economy1 Nov It highlights the U.

A critical review and suggestions for future research.


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