Assignment has fewer non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton

Assignment has fewer non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton

Thanks for any help! My code actually looks like this: Finally, when you get to this statement: When you get to this statement after: My intention is that for every loop of kk, the xtemp2: Thanks for help and maybe please no loop usage The MATLAB Central Newsreader posts and displays messages in the comp.

Because find could not find any values that are not equal to -1, find returns an empty array stating that it could not find any locations in t1 that were not equal to I’m not sure what this means because when I print out size squares i,: So I used “ndgrid” operation and it produced the result which is stored in 6 variables s1 u1 u2 ts vs vw i. Discussions are threaded, or grouped in a way that allows you to read a posted message and all of its replies in chronological order.

You cannot store a 3 dimension object into a 2 dimension space. There are several advantages to using MATLAB Central. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: This means that your t1 array does not have any entries that are not equal to Spam Control Most newsgroup spam is filtered out by the MATLAB Central Newsreader. Watch lists Setting up watch lists allows you to be notified of updates made to postings selected by author, thread, or any search variable.

There are also different buttons you can choose from: The left hand side in this example has no non-singleton dimensions. I can see why you are getting this error, and where this is happening. How can I make the slice assignment work? If you look towards the end of your code, you have this statement: Step Out – If you are inside a function, doing this will run the code until the function leaves. Continue – Continue running your code until you reach the next breakpoint or the function exits Step – Run the next line of code Step In – Run the next line of code.


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